The most important best WordPress plugins List you should use




The most important best WordPress plugins List you should use

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform among all other platforms such as Blogger, Joomla and others, and this content management system comes with something special that makes everyone cheer for its use except plugins or, so that the entire WordPress system can be changed using only the plugins, something that you miss Most other CMS are like Blogger.




But to enumerate it and reach its number of thousands so that it will be difficult for anyone who puts his first steps in WordPress to choose among the best existing additions that help him to develop his site. It is true that in WordPress some plugins come installed before, but this is not enough to upgrade your site for the better and make it powerful in all respects.


We will provide the top 10 professional WordPress plugins for your site with its full explanation, how to use it, and the most important features that you will get when you install these WordPress plugins. If you have a WordPress site or intend to make one, we strongly recommend this article to you.


 Yoast SEO:

Let’s all agree that SEO is one of the most important things that you must take into account during the manufacture of a specific WordPress site, yes it is true that you will write articles and share them and bring visits and views, but it will be better to sit on the throne of search engines and get visits from Google Without less effort.

But SEO is not that easy, as there are rules that you must respect before beginning to publish an article or your site, rules that may be difficult to track work on in any ordinary site without help. Fortunately for WordPress users, there is the Yoast SEO plugin.

It is a professional WordPress add-on that has been in the store since 2008 and has been downloaded and used millions of times. The add-on provides you with several SEO services while writing articles and to improve your site as well. There are two copies of the paid and free add-on, if you are still at your beginning, the free add is sufficient to provide the required And, if you want optimal control, we advise you to upgrade to the paid version.


Among the tasks that the addition provides you with is to alert you with a good number of words for the article in order to archive it, alert you with keywords that have more control over the article and promote you to it, it gives you a simple form of how your article will appear in search engines as well, and it also provides you with alternative keywords with the same power for keywords You focus on in your articles and writings, and much more



The WordPress system in administration is OK, but it does not provide you with various services that help you in the long run, such as making a backup copy of your articles or improving the quality of your site in terms of downloading, speed, safety, and others, and there are many additions that each of them specializes in this matter


But some zombies prefer only to install one add-on that does the whole thing for them, which is the addition of Jetpack as it provides you with integrated packages to improve and develop your site in the long run


it is a professional WordPress addition that allows you to protect your site against any type of attacks or viruses that affect WordPress in a way Large (especially while using unsafe or Cracked Plugins or Templates


it also allows you to save all your articles and your site information in a secure cloud storage and import / export work anytime you want, along with services such as improving the performance of your site, improving its code, Improved Cache, reduced download speed, and more.


The problem of adding a jetpack is that it is paid, and although it is provided for adding a very professional WordPress, however, as a beginner, you may not agree and advised only to those who have a slightly outdated WordPress site in the field and generate a huge number of visitors.



The most beautiful thing about WordPress is that you can customize your site according to your business. Adding WooCommerce, for example, can convert your entire website into an online store for sale and purchase. Yes, once you add one, articles become products and new sections are added in the Dashboard of your site on WordPress that allows you to manage Products, inventory, coupons, sales and even payments.

Adding Woocommerce is a totally free addition and all its services are free and you can make the WordPress site compete with the largest shops Shopify and E-Commerce and even global sale and purchase sites through the so-called dropshipping if you are good enough to manage your site.


Adding this WordPress is easy to install, once installed it will be required since the system to enter your store’s private information, the currency that should be dealt with in the store, weight, etc., and then you start adding products and offers to start the fun in your store.


Wordfence Security:


Despite the popularity, diversity and customization of WordPress sites, the WordPress platform suffers from one of the biggest problems that any website owner in this world may face, which is the problem of protection and hacking. The management of a site on the WordPress platform requires you to remain cautious of any gaps New on the platform and update the platform quickly every time a new update is issued for the WordPress platform, not to mention that without any updates you may link to viruses on your site or the deployment of Malware or weaker Spam messages in the comments and such anonymous traffic that may lead to the weakness of your site and The consumption of visits and the capacity of your WordPress hosting.


For all of this we provide every other powerful WordPress plugin called Wordfence, the goal of this add-on is to enhance the protection of your site by providing a Cloud Firewall so that the latter filters all upcoming traffic to your site and prevents any harmful traffic to your site, as it prevents any Bots especially Harmful traffic from your site. It also prevents any DDOS attacks or blocking sizes.
The add-on is perfect and we recommend it to anyone who uses the WordPress platform because of its good features in protecting your site in the long run



 WP Smush:


While working on a site no matter how you should take the page loading speed into account, even Google has now ranked the sites with a fast download in the foreground unlike the sites with a slow download, and to ensure a good download speed for any web page you must work on many factors remains the most prominent Pictures. Pictures make any webpage very heavy, and the smaller the image and the smaller the size, the better the page load



But twice the size of the image means a loss of quality, and it is an equation that the web developer always loses. Either it provides poor quality images and good page loading speed, or a slow page loading speed and high quality images. However, add-ons such as WP Smush come to solve this problem for us in WordPress permanently, it allows you to compress all the images that are added to your webpage or websites while maintaining the quality of the images in the best possible way, and also provides Caching features that allow downloading images only when The user approaches it which means not to download it while loading the page alone, which means better browsing speed.



Mailchimp platform is a platform that allows you to manage your mailing lists and send customized messages to people who subscribe to your mailing list, and is considered the first in the world for several reasons, including the many free services that this platform provides and that you may find in other platforms in a paid way, as well as customizing mailing templates That you send to subscribers, and even customize the way users subscribe.

There is a WordPress plugin for the Mailchimp platform that you can install and start directly using, and this add-on aims to build an add-on for e-mail on your site and customize it to suit your site style and place it anywhere on the page, then access subscriptions to your Mailchimp account and manage Mailing lists using it.


When you deal with a WordPress site, you have to take a lot of things into account in anticipation of any error, especially if your site is of great importance and huge content, every day you have to take a backup copy of the site and check the validity of everything such as hosting, traffic and spam. And others, because just a slight mistake in hosting WordPress, for example, might make all of your content that you’ve been tired of for months collapse in a jiffy.


The VaultPress add-on tries to save you from a headache that will permanently affect you for fear of your site’s content from loss or infection with any virus that leads to its deletion. Even that the add-on helps you against any viruses or hacker attacks, and if your site becomes miserable, you can only go back to a specific date in the add-on when your site was healthy and good. And if you think about moving to another better hosting, do not think much about how to move your site, so with a click of a button here and a click of a button there you will export all the content of your site and import it into the new hosting. And do not forget about other services, such as protecting you from spam comments and harmful visits


WP Super Cache:

We will return with you to the issue of speeding up the WordPress site in order to obtain advanced positions in the Google search engine, in addition to reducing the size of images in addition to the aforementioned, you may also wish to use the WP Super Cache extension to reduce the loading of scripts into your site. The add-on intends to create a Static version of the webpage the user visits, meaning that the first-time user visit to your site will download the site normally, but then the site’s browsing will become faster for the user because a set of scripts in the form of Cache has been stored in the user’s browser.

The defect of the addition or in general the defect of the method of keeping the cache is not to renew the content in an instant, for example if a comment was added to the article it will not appear to the user except after deleting the cache or after a period after the addition of the addition of the site cache in the user’s browser.

But in general it is very necessary to add this professional WordPress in order to accelerate the work of your site and provide the best performance for the user and search engines alike.


Disable Comments:

When you create your site on WordPress, you will be happy to receive a bunch of beautiful comments about the content you provide, but as your site grows more popular you will find that some comments have become poor, duplicate, advertisements for sites and possibly predatory files and many more. At other times, you may want to create your own site, in which comments can block it, such as Portfolio pages, for example.

Using the Disable Comments extension, you will be able to prevent comments and filter them on your WordPress site, a nice addition for everyone who wants to be checked and taken into account every comment made on his personal site, simple in its work, but we think it is a good addition to you.


 User Registration:

Then we conclude this article with you with the latest addition of WordPress with us which is the addition of User Registration, like other CMS WordPress sites can allow other users to register on the site and even share comments and sometimes posts as well and make available many other features during registration as an industry of your own profile On site.

Developing a WordPress registration system from scratch is cumbersome, so it would be better to install the User Registration add-on and only use it to mark the most important points to be observed during registration, as well as specifying the user’s powers during registration and what he can do after logging in to his account.

If you want permission to create a WordPress site that allows users to register and participate, adding User Registration will make it easier for you to manage the records on your site.






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