TikTok Marketing How to start marketing on TikTok platform




TikTok Marketing How to start marketing on TikTok platform


TikToK platform is one of the most developed social platforms in the last year, it is among the list of the 10 best social media marketing sites for the year 2020 according to Marektingland platform competing with major platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and as a marketer or a specific business owner you may consider accessing Tik Tok in your turn and start your career in the field of electronic marketing through one of the most developed social networking sites in the last year.




But marketing via TikTok is not that easy as is the case with Facebook, for example, which allows you to create a Facebook page and then finance it with any amount of money and deliver it to the largest number of users, paid advertisements are still not available in Tik Tok currently (and will be available soon as Current news) But until then you must rely on traditional methods of marketing and follow a method or plan in order to practice marketing via Tik Tok correctly.


In this article, we will provide a few ways and methods you can follow until you start marketing through the Tik Tok platform and promote the content that you provide or sell through the TikTok platform, so let us go.


On the tuning of Youtubers on the YouTube platform, and the Influencers on the Instagram platform, let’s welcome TikTokers, a new term that symbolizes people who became famous on the TikTok platform with a group of different videos that have been appreciated by other users, so thousands of people follow them today and watch their videos millions Of people too.


Now the TikTokers have become the focus of attention of marketers across the world (as is the case with Instagram), so we started seeing some of them have really started promoting goods and products through making a video on his account in which he explains that product. Here, dear reader, we give you the option to also become a TikToker and start off with some funny or funny videos that you think may be well received by a group of users that will motivate them to follow you in the long run.


Engagement in Tik Tok Marketing:

As is the case for the rest of the social media platforms, you can interact with the famous posts on Tik Tok, whether by liking or by commenting, and we can call them as agents by interaction or Engagement. Because Tik Tok does not currently support the marketing of your account in a paid manner, you may find a problem in making your account attract the largest number of followers. Therefore, we advise you to start marketing for your own account through the Engagements, by commenting effectively in the accounts and large videos.


Tik Tok and like Instagram includes a feature for Follow For Follow, so that your interaction with other personalities and accounts through admiration, comment and follow-up will make you in turn get followers, comments and likes for your account content. Once you have a good number of followers interacting with you, you can start now with the practice of regular marketing like TikToker or just continue to grow and enlarge the account in the same way and use it later in marketing. In the Engagement also, we will include following the hashtags of the most traded in the platform, especially the challenges or challenges that help you bring more views to your account, and thus more and more followers each time



Marketing via an account that provides content in the same niche:

My friend told me, have you come across a TikTokers on YouTube or Facebook that advises you on ways to use perfumes for men? Our friend This provides content on TikTok in every video explaining the trick, method or trick of spraying perfumes or the use of perfumes with the suggestion of some names of brands and companies in the field of perfumes, his reputation started from TikTok and his videos became touring Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. Our friend now has occupied a certain niche and he can now easily suggest specific perfume names marketing to hundreds of thousands of followers.


In a simple trick in TikTok, one of the experts in this field advises you to rely on the content with a fun type instead of the educational type, that is, if you want to promote something, try to provide fun videos in that field until you strengthen your account well and then start marketing it. If you want to market bluetooth headphones, for example, provide fun content in the field of songs, such as dancing or music suggestions, if you want to promote a smart phone, start providing content that reviews all recent or exotic smartphones (such as a gold-plated iPhone, etc.) … Post fun content in the same marketing niche you target, and do not market your product until you promote and strengthen your account well from followers


Co-marketing with other TikTokers:

It will be difficult for you at the beginning to get followers of your personal account. Trust me, and the best solution for you in this period will be to pay for bringing in followers of your account or just pay for marketing your brand or business directly (although we advise you to market for your account until you get Followers can freely market to them later). To do this, you should collaborate with other TikTokers, people who may have been known for their exotic dances or their constant follow-up to the ever-occurring Trending that may not be time for you to follow. Attempting to collaborate or request advertising in large TikTok accounts will bring and provide you with the required, or at least make your personal account ready to start posting content and receiving interaction for it.


Paid Advertising With Tik Tok:

A feature that is still not officially available in the Tik Tok application, but the company has started testing it in America, Europe and China and will soon be available as well. In this trick you will have to pay for the appearance of your videos or your Tik Tok account while the ordinary users are moving in the folds of the application. Although that is not so easy that you will have to create content that attracts the user at first sight, content that you and the rest of the users believe that the user will covet to access your personal account and then follow up on your account, you will need to pay money here but you may get good results in return.


In conclusion, we tell you that despite the popularity of the Tik Tok application, which now exceeds 800 million users, the world of marketing is still primitive in this application due to the difficulty of providing marketing content, but you can create a business account in TikTok and start using it in marketing depending on the symptoms proposed to you in This article






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