What are digital products of all kinds How to profit digital product




What are digital products of all kinds How to profit digital product most profitable digital products ideas to sell online international




If you want to know what are the most profitable digital products in the vast world of the Internet, and how to start making and promoting them on the Internet, then you are in the right place.


If you are looking for what are digital products to:

You take advantage of your skills to profit from the Internet.
Know the best digital products for your audience to start earning from.
You start your business online by selling one of these products.
Know the best revenue-generating skills with digital products and start learning them.
Here you will find all the information you need. In this article, you will learn about:


What are digital products?

Why are digital products one of the best ways to profit from the Internet?
What is the difference between digital products and physical products.
The most profitable digital product.
How to promote digital products.

This is in addition to some information on how to design each type of different digital product, and how to sell it to the public using the appropriate tools.


All this you will find presented to you in a simple and practical way … this is our habit on the winners website.


What are digital products of all kinds How to profit digital product in 2020
What are digital products of all kinds How to profit digital product in 2020


What is a digital product ?


A digital product is a product that has no physical or physical shape that you can move or store, for example you cannot hold a Digital Marketing course in your hands.


Digital products have become very important and a very large market because of the great potential offered by the Internet, there are many problems that only digital products address.


For example, there are digital courses that people need in order to learn different skills, or even to complete their university studies online, and there are e-books that you can buy and read while you are in your place.


There are programs and applications that we can no longer live without, whether in study, work or even play.


Why are digital products better than regular products?
Regular physical products that are produced, stored and shipped have a lot of importance to people, but they bring a lot of responsibilities to their owners.


There are many advantages to digital products compared to physical products such as:

Digital products do not need a large cost to manufacture, even large programs and services can be started with the lowest possible costs, then develop the service and the volume of use after that.
The effort to make digital products is often less than normal products.
Unlike a regular product, a digital product can be sold more than once.
Unlike digital products, regular products require production, storage, and shipping.
Digital products are acquired by the buyer immediately after the end of the purchase process, unlike regular products.
But this does not mean that digital products do not need to make an effort, as there are many

requirements for making a digital product such as :


Get a different and distinct idea .
Carrying out various creative works such as design, which needs some time and trying to reach a suitable form for the product.
The digital product must offer tremendous benefit to customers.
Digital products require expertise in dealing with different hosting platforms in order to facilitate the process of accessing and selling them.
Some digital products require many skills (programming – design – analysis) and others.
Digital products are certainly easier than ordinary products in terms of ease of manufacture and distribution, but they nonetheless take a lot of time and effort to manufacture them with the required quality.


How to effectively promote digital products


Marketing has clear basic principles that apply to anything you want to promote, be it a physical product, service, or digital product, but there are some promotional methods that are more suitable for digital products than others.


Content Marketing


Most digital products are content in themselves (books – courses – explanations – training), so content marketing is the first marketing channel to promote digital products.


Content marketing depends on providing benefit to the public by providing advice and information that helps it solve its problems and achieve its goals.


Content marketing is of a special nature, and there are a lot of steps that you must take to take advantage of it in the right way, all of this you will learn about it in detail through the content marketing guide. You can access the guide through the following link.


Beginner content marketing guide (comprehensive guide 2019)


Social media marketing


Digital products, as I mentioned earlier, aim to solve audience problems, and provide some tools that help it to conduct its work and achieve its goals through the Internet.


For the sake of this marketing via various social media sites, it is a very suitable option for promoting digital products, because the various communication sites contain many gatherings of people interested in all fields.

This is why it will be easy to reach them and benefit them, other than using paid ads to reach this audience and influence it positively to buy the product.


Social media marketing is a big sea, there are many platforms that can be used, and each platform has a special nature that you must know.


The most profitable digital product


After you know what digital products are, what the difference is between them and ordinary products, it is time to know the most profitable digital products and how to make them in a simple way.


1- Educational courses


Educational courses are the most popular digital products and the most used among people, because they cover almost all fields, and anyone can make them easily.


Educational courses are explanations using videos, pictures, written texts and interactive materials such as exercises and tests.


Educational courses can be offered in more than one way, such as:


Rely on a specialized platform to host all course materials such as (Udemy – Teachable).
Relying on websites and creating course-specific pages using various content management systems such as (WordPress – Wix).

Develop the site or course pages and design it yourself using a hosting service to save files and user databases.

There are several things to consider before making an educational course:


You must have experience in a particular field because people are looking for someone who is better for them to learn from.

You should learn how to arrange the course and organize its content.

You should be aware of how to make the videos and interactive materials necessary to make the course.
To be able to design the videos and some educational materials that you will need, I advise you to read the following guides in which you will find everything you need


As for the creation of the course itself, it takes some experience, and soon, God willing, we will issue a complete guide on this matter, for it, follow us constantly until you do not miss.


2- E-books

One of the most accessible digital products in terms of industry, all you need is the talent of writing and an idea to write about, then an audience to promote it, and it ended up with that.


Writing is a creative skill that requires some training, but you can go beyond that with the help of a specialist writer from various different self-employment platforms in order to formulate your ideas.

Then you devote yourself to the marketing process, this is called Ghost Writing, which is a common method among entrepreneurs in the e-book industry and even writing articles.

You can place e-books on more than one platform to sell to interested parties such as:

Amazon Kindle Store.
Google books store.
Specialized publishing sites.
Your website.
Creating e-books is not as difficult as you think. All you need is to provide information and ideas that a specific segment of the public needs in order for them to buy the book.

3- Software and web applications


Software and web applications are the most profitable digital products ever due to the high demand for them, and because they solve chronic problems for the interested audience.

Have you used any online gadget like:

A tool for designing some simple pictures
Addition to the Google Chrome browser
Social media management applications
SEO Tools
Tools to extract information from sites
All of these are images of different web applications, and I think you realize the profitability of these applications, just like the programs of different operating systems that you download to use them on your computer.


There are simple programs that cost $ 10, and there are other programs that cost the purchase of one copy of them that may exceed $ 300, and you can save more than one way to pay.

For example, some programs and web applications depend on the idea of ​​subscriptions. Every month, you pay a small amount for using these programs and applications.

This type of digital product needs experience and knowledge of programming and web development, unlike finding a good product or service idea that has a demand in the market, and also the competition with it is somewhat small.


Just as this type of digital product is the most profitable, it is also the most difficult in terms of industry.


4- Phone applications


The phone is a very big part of our life, as we cannot do without it and the applications and games that exist on it, which we depend on and use continuously.


Phone applications have many forms and also can be developed in more than one way, there is more than one programming language for developing applications for IOS and Android system.


This is in contrast to some services that enable you to create simple applications without the need to write any code or know how to develop applications.


To familiarize yourself with all these different tools, as well as how to profit from applications and phone games in detail, I advise you to read the following guide, in which you will find everything you need.

Profit from mobile apps (how app owners win)


5- Electronic templates and elements


Have you ever searched for the best WordPress template for your website? Or searched for a WordPress plugin to place a specific feature on your site?


There are a lot of templates and electronic elements that a lot of people need. There are various e-commerce tools as well as e-shop templates.


This type of digital product also needs some experience in the field of user interface design and how to develop the web in order to offer a product that is acceptable in the market.


This type of digital product is also characterized by high profitability, because any template you manufacture you can sell an infinite number of times, and it will not require you to much update after making it.


6- Membership sites


There are a lot of content sites that publish great articles and videos, so that you only allow anyone to access them while they are a member of the site.


And of course this membership is paid. This type of digital product is an additional way to make good profits for premium digital content makers who offer content with a passionate audience.


Keep in mind that although this type of digital product is easy to manufacture, you must offer tremendous benefit, no one will pay you for the information that is available and available everywhere.


7- Packages and creative products


Have you ever searched for one of the following products:

Templates ready for the popular Powerpoint software for use in your studies or work
Graphics images
GIF Animations
Ready effects for Adobe After Effects
Sound effects for use in making videos
All of these are images of the creative digital products that many people need, even design, graphics and montage professionals need such products that save them a lot of time and effort.

If you have any skill in designing or producing this type of product, you should use it to profit from the Internet, because it is an open market and there is always a need for more of these products.

You can either sell these products on your website directly or use designated stores like Envato Market.


8- Digital publications


There are many forms of digital prints such as:

T-shirts that are printed on demand.
Various paintings and decors.


There are a lot of companies online that print such products, all you have to do is put the design you want, and these companies will bring the materials and do the printing and also ship the product to the customer.


There are many platforms around the world that offer these services in exchange for a percentage of the profits, perhaps the most famous being the Merch By Amazon service.

Also read: Earning from Amazon (all the methods and information you need)

If you are a professional designer, I advise you to try this kind of digital product.


9- Photographs


If you read the article “Best Image Acquisition Sites” you will know that there are many platforms that sell professional photos.


There is a great demand for (original) pictures of landscapes, tourist places, cities, fashion models, and other images needed by content makers everywhere.


This is why if you take pictures and modify them professionally, I think you will make very good sums from selling these pictures on different photo sites.


10 – Personal training services


No one is searching for what digital products are or they want to buy one of these products or they are offered a Coaching Service.


There are a lot of experts and professionals who offer to provide some services and advice directly in various fields for a sum of money. If you have experience in any field that has an audience, this type of digital product is very suitable for you.


All you have to do is prove to the public that you are an expert in your field, and that you have the ability to communicate information and develop simple and effective training programs so that the audience responds to you and pays you.


This type of digital product takes some time to build for yourself a known personal brand, but it is very profitable because you can diversify the digital products that you offer.


You can add other products that we mentioned earlier, such as courses and books, thus increasing your profits.


Digital products are one of the most important sources of profit from the Internet in this era due to the multiplicity of sources of information and the need for people to trust them to obtain this information.


And if you ask how to determine the price of these products, you can search on the platforms that I mentioned to you about the digital products that you intend to manufacture to know their average prices according to your field.


I think that you now know what digital products are and how to profit from them in detail, and you are now lacking to start making your own products and making profits.





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