What are the most effective e-marketing strategies in 2020 ?




What are the most effective e-marketing strategies in 2020 ?




Every day there is new information, discoveries and updates in the world of marketing, all with the aim of facilitating the mission of marketers and entrepreneurs and increasing their profits.


If you want to take advantage of all of this, and do not miss out on opportunities for yourself to increase your sales and profits, you should know the best e-marketing strategies this year.


In the next few minutes, you will learn about the following e-marketing strategies:


Using the Podcast.
Reliance on influencer marketing.
What is Smart Bidding and how do you use it to your advantage.
The need to rely on Flywheel in digital marketing at this particular time.
The local seo that many Arab entrepreneurs overlook.
The need to use Chat Bots.
Relying on the live broadcast to communicate with customers.
In each strategy you will know what it is and how you can benefit from it, and as is customary on the winners website, we will provide you with all the tools and information you need in a simple and clear way.


1- Broad use of Podcast

I think you have heard before about the Podcasts, and if you do not know them, they are radio programs on the Internet, as if you are listening to your favorite program on the radio, but through the Internet, whether through a telephone application or one of the internet browsers on the computer.

The impact of Podcasts has increased dramatically in the recent period, and demand has increased in the Arab world, as there are many influencers and entrepreneurs who depend on them in the digital content industry.


Podcasts have many advantages like:


You do not need much effort and capabilities in making podcasts, all you need is Mike is good, and this is unlike videos that may need more tools and effort.
Because of the lack of time in the era of speed that we are living in now, not many people find time to watch videos or read articles as before, and here comes the role of Podcasts that we can listen to while doing any daily activity.
Podcasts provide good advertising space, which can be used to promote products and services, and perhaps the most important promotional tools is to build a strong brand for those interested.
Podcasts are a content-making machine. For example, you can convert an interview with a guest into an article on your site, or perhaps shoot the meeting itself and have a video that you place on YouTube, and you can divide this video into small parts for posting on Instagram and Facebook.
There are many applications and services that help you own a successful Podcast, such as the Podu app, Soundcloud, and others.


Podcasts will have a greater and greater impact in the coming period in the Arab world, and they will become one of the most popular and widely used e-marketing strategies


For this, be sure to follow the winners, as there is a complete guide that we will be publishing soon, God willing, on how to have a successful Podcast, with an explanation of all the tools and strategies you need.


2- Rely on the local seo

Local SEO is the exploitation of local search engines such as Google Maps and various online archives such as Yellow Pages for marketing and obtaining new customers.


When you search on Google Maps on “Fish Restaurant” and show you the results, didn’t you ask yourself on what basis are the results arranged? And there is another question.


What about your business? You might also own a restaurant or store to sell a service or product that people constantly search for. What if you appear in the first result of the search? What will happen then to your business.


Local SEO has become a marketing strategy that you have to use to your advantage, and unlike many other e-marketing strategies you do not need much effort.


All you need is the following:


Have a free Google My Business account.
Put your business information (type of service – opening times – pictures of products and offers).
Attention to put your data on all the archive sites for your domain so that you get some bak links.
Put the same name and data for your services on your website and your accounts on the social media.
Ask your new customers to rely on Google Maps instructions to reach you.
Ask your old customers to rate your services on Google Maps, and other places that allow this.
Then you will get more than wonderful results and take advantage of this marketing channel, which is overlooked by many marketers and business owners in the Arab world.

And do not worry, soon, God willing, there will be a complete guide to the winners of the local seo, in which I will put you a lot of tools and archive sites that suit you.

I will also tell you about some strategies that many do not know, so stay tuned and the winners are constantly followed.

3- Relying on Flywheel strategy
Flywheel is an engineering tool used to store energy, and you do not need to be an engineer like me to use it in marketing your services and products.

To be honest with you, this principle in marketing is very old, but due to the development and emergence of many marketing channels, many marketers have become overlooked.
Many marketers rely on building their marketing stages, or what is known as Funnels. For example, they do the following:

Make advertising campaigns funded on Facebook, for example, to obtain the data of interested clients.
Contacting interested clients by e-mail, phone, and social media accounts to promote products and services.
Then complete the sale.
Then repeat the above again and again using the various marketing channels.
This method depends on spending money continuously in the promotion process, and also is completely ignorant of the customer you got, you as a marketer never use it in the promotion process.

That is why I told you that the Flywheel strategy is outdated, it depends on customers to promote, or what is called the Word of Mouth, and this is what many people depend on to get what they want since ancient times.

Think about your latest purchases of different products, you will find that you bought them based on previous interaction with the owners of these products, or based on the nomination of one of your friends or influencers that you follow.

This is the goal of the Flywheel strategy. You are required to harness a lot of your capabilities in providing all the amenities for your customers, to provide them with everything they need, to take care of their affairs and strive to achieve their goals.

You can do the following:

Build a database where you explain in video how to use your services for your clients.
Provide excellent support service.
Communicate with your former customers to check on them, and make sure they don’t face any issue with your products.
And other ideas that you can make your customers happy, so you will find that they help you in promoting without making any effort in making advertising.

Imagine if you did both, using different advertisements and marketing channels, and also you provided customer service and an ideal user experience … Do you envision the amount of profits that you make ??

This strategy is very important, as many experts in the field of marketing believe that the first way to promote your products and services is customer service and user experience, so do not lose sight of that, whatever field or industry you work in.

4- Dependence on Chat Bots
Have you ever communicated with any Facebook page or website, and found that you are talking to a robot that answers you with automatic responses to answer your common questions, or collects some information about you so that the company can contact you later?

This is one of the e-marketing strategies that many marketers rely on, because it has proven tremendous success, especially in collecting data for interested clients.

How many times does anyone who visits your Facebook page or page visit you, and sends you a message to inquire about a specific thing and does not find someone to answer it? You never have to lose these profits.

Chat Bots are distinguished by the following:

Its cost is very low.
You can use it on many applications such as Messenger, which most people use or separately on your site.
Simple and easy to use tool.
Save a lot of time.
Not all of this, Chat Bots enable you to create a list of subscribers – such as the Email List – that you can use to promote the latest offers and products.

If this is your first time building Chat Bots, I advise you to start building a simple Bot on Facebook so you can try how to build it and arrange the information that you will give to visitors.

Then you can move on to building a bot for your website, which you can use to provide support service to your customers as well, and perhaps the best platform that you can rely on is ManyChat.

And don’t worry, you’ll find all the explanations you need there, and we are working on a complete guide with pictures and videos to explain the use of Chat Bots, so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss it.

5- Relying on smart auctions
If you read our article “Digital Marketing Trends in 2020” we recently launched, you are aware that Smart Bidding is the next trend in the world of funded advertising.

Google has launched in its latest updates to the Google Ads platform a lot of tools that help marketers evaluate ads and allocate different budgets for each ad campaign completely automatically.

All this by using artificial intelligence techniques to collect and analyze data and anticipate results, to help marketers make the right decisions easily.

Facebook has also launched several updates such as CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization, among others to help marketers use their budget more accurately, thereby achieving more profit.

All these new updates put before you a lot of options, and provide you with a lot of possibilities that you must use to achieve your marketing goals, so do not waste these opportunities from your hands.

6- Dependence on video more and more
We have previously published many statistics and information on video usage, among the winners, perhaps the most famous of which is Statista International’s report on Internet use in 2020 and 2021.

Because of the data it collected, the company expected that by 2021 it would be almost 80% of all traffic on the Internet via video … I think you do not need further evidence of the importance of the video.

This is why if the video is one of the strategies of e-marketing that you depend on … you have to rely on it more and more, and if you are not dependent on it then you should not waste more time.

You can post the video on many platforms such as:

Your blog or website
Tik Tok
These videos can be short and simple, they can be rather long and explain some of the complex concepts of your audience, if you provide customer service to your audience.

Or depend on selling a service or product that needs explanation, there is nothing better than a video to use to deliver a good message to your customers, and designing professional videos is not as difficult as before.

If you are not an expert in video making or think that you need a large budget, you are wrong, and you can be sure of that yourself, and also learn about all the tools and strategies that you need in the video industry through the following two guides:

How to create a professional video (step by step)

The best video making program with resources to learn to use it

7- Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies of the recent period, on which many marketers, companies, and large and medium enterprises depend.

The idea itself is old, so I think you remember the ads that we’ve been watching from birth until now, which always contain a singer, actor or a famous soccer player.

Now in the age of social media and the openness that we currently live in, there are stars and influencers in all fields and on all platforms such as:

A large Facebook page.
An account has a large number of followers on Instagram.
Great website owner in any field.
Owners of medium and large channels on YouTube (Science – Technology – Football – Entertainment)
All of these are influential and have an audience and followers who listen to them and their advice and guidance, if someone talks about a service or product in a good way many followers will buy this product.

For this you have to take advantage of this marketing strategy to your advantage, you should search for all influencers in your field and search for ways to cooperate with them.

For example, you can offer them a free trial of your product or service in exchange for promoting their followers, or offer them some money to filter your products on their site or through their pages on social media.

Or you can give them free products that they use how they want, or just special discounts that they give to their own audiences, or even that they depend on the commission marketing principle and give them a percentage of the profits of each sale they bring to you.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective e-marketing strategies, but unfortunately it is not used by marketers, business owners and Arab entrepreneurs in a good way, but do not worry, you are here for the winners.

Wait very soon for the full guide to influencer marketing, in which we will put you in everything you need from how to find influencers and then choose the best among them, and how to follow their work with you step by step.

8- Live broadcast
Live broadcasting or Live Streaming is one of the forms of communication with the public that should not be overlooked from this year. The truth is said that many companies and institutions are using this marketing strategy, so why not from them?

You always need to communicate with your customers and help them and solve any problem they suffer from, and it is better to do this directly and not through some e-mail or message.

This is where you can broadcast live, so imagine, for example, that you are doing one of the following:

A weekly or monthly live broadcast on your YouTube channel that answers the questions of your customers or your audience, and solves their problems.
Live broadcast on Facebook Group explaining some strategies for your distinguished clients in order to benefit more from your services.
Live broadcast on your Instagram account showing the latest developments and new products or services that you will offer.
Live broadcast to take your customers opinion on any new idea you have before implementing it on any platform.
Live broadcasting has many benefits, perhaps the most important of which are:

Build a strong relationship with your customers, make them depend on you more, and trust that you are always there to serve and help them, and thus remain your loyal customers, and even market your products among their knowledge for free without even asking them.
Show a personal face to your brand, maybe you or a customer service team or one of the developers in your company will be the one to broadcast live or maybe more than one person, all of this makes customers trust you more, because they talk to a human like them and not a machine.
You can then use the live video broadcasts on your site to explain the various services and products, or to answer common questions, thereby hitting two birds with one stone.
The live broadcast will cost you almost nothing, you just need your phone, or a camera if you want, and maybe a free program to coordinate the broadcast if you will display the screen of your device if you use it in the explanation … that’s all.
You should rely on the live broadcast, as it is the most effective method of communicating with customers, and building long-term relationships at this time, and not just simply responding to customer comments on your posts on social media.

I have tried to remind you of the best e-marketing strategies that may be new to you, but this does not negate the importance of other common marketing strategies that everyone knows such as

Social media marketing.
Content Marketing.
Search engine marketing such as Google Ads.
And in the latter I want you to remember that the best e-marketing strategies for you are the strategies that you can implement efficiently, do not go behind the trends and new ideas before you make sure that you can use them properly according to the capabilities available to you.

I also want you to remember that everything depends on experience and data collection. You must test each marketing strategy before you start to implement it in order to ensure its effectiveness for your business.

And he continued to test and develop based on the results, as this is the most important characteristic of the professional marketer, as he collects all possible data and uses it to make the right decisions that help him achieve his goals.




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