What is Call To Action and what is its importance?




What is call to action and what is its job on landing page

It is essentially a very important and sensitive component of the overall marketing process.
Call To Action: A link or button placed in one or more locations on the landing page.
It should be placed clearly and in the right place  and through it the user will move from a simple browser to completing the marketing objective.



It is the portal or passage of the verb or the ultimate purpose of the landing page.

What is the importance of Call To Action in the marketing process?
Because the Internet user is lazy by nature  and he wants more payment in order to achieve the marketing objective and this is what Call to Action does.

The user wants to tell him what to do, because he may not be smart enough to do it himself.
Because the main goal for you as a marketer is to accomplish the marketing objective  and not display product information or convince the user of its quality.

What must be pointed out here is that the importance of the “call to action” element is not used only in the procurement process.
But it exceeds that in order to participate in all marketing operations  including:
Invitation to subscribe to the YouTube channel.
Call for comment and share social media posts.
Invitation to subscribe to the mailing list.
Call for articles to evaluate and discuss.
And many other cases.

The most important factors that must be followed to make a successful Call To Action

Clarity factor
On the page the customer is on  you must place the Call To Action button.
You must show this button by choosing the appropriate color and size  in order to make it distinctive and attractive.

Multiplicity factor
You should place the required action button more than once in different places on the page, perhaps once at the beginning of the page, once in the middle and once at the end.

Limitation factor
People are often driven by fear of loss, more than desire for gain.
So if you tell them in the required action button that the quantity is limited. This will prompt them to buy more.

Multiple choice factor
Oftentimes you make the user choose between two options, this pushes him even more so that he can take an action like buying  for example.
You should put options for those who don’t see the right price.
Offer them alternatives, so do not miss the opportunity to benefit from them in any way.
For example show different purchasing packages. Or offer a free trial period.

These factors work in tandem with the success of Call To Action, so you have to consider it very important on every landing page you create.

Why am I not getting sales as I expected?
The reason my friend didn’t get the conversion rate as expected was that he didn’t directly ask users to actually make a purchase.
Yes, this is the real reason that I am adjusting it. Hundreds of dollars are starting to rain in his affiliate account.
Like anything in the world of marketing, there are major and fundamental elements upon which the success of the landing page depends on achieving the goal behind it.
The item my friend was missing on his landing page is called Call To Action.
Let’s find out together the secret, which will make you get what you want from the user.




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