What is Dropshipping and a Dropshippers For Beginners How Does It Work and What Products




What is Dropshipping and a Dropshippers For Beginners How Does It Work and What Products

What quality drop shipping providers are there  In this article we are going to show you a great list of wholesalers to create an online drop sipping shop . Keep in mind, to shuffle the market, the possibilities and demand of each product, and choose something you like very much, since it will make it easier for you to serve your client and your work will be more enjoyable



We will do our best to explain how Dropshipping works and resolve any doubts you may have when creating an online Dropshipping store. Here is a summary of the points you can find in this post:

What is Dropshipping and a Dropshippers ?

First of all it is important to know what exactly Dropshipping is and how you can take advantage of this type of business. It is a distribution system created and designed for online stores , a new eCommerce model that after the success achieved in Anglo-Saxon countries, pioneers in electronic commerce, has now been implanted strongly in our country and other countries.

If you still do not know exactly what it is or seems strange, but its operation is very simple. Dropshipping simply consists of creating an online store to sell products that do not need to have stock , you avoid a first investment in stock.

You create an online store, choose one or more suppliers, when the customer makes an order in your online store and you pay, you only have to ask the supplier of the product and provide the shipping data of your customer, and the The supplier will send the order directly to your customer , taking your commission or margin for the sale.

Therefore, you do not need to buy or store stock , you avoid the initial investment in stock and the management of expeditions and order delivery, you just have to worry about promoting your online store, getting visits and converting those visits into sales.

The drop shipping business method , is a great advantage to undertake and self-employment, since it leads to creating a business with hardly any investment or risks . That is why we continue to increase the number of online stores, which are created with the initial idea of ​​using dropshipping.

But you have to be careful, having consolidated in recent years as an idea of ​​a very profitable business some Dropshippers companies (suppliers or wholesalers that offer dropshipping service) are taking advantage of this business idea to transmit to their customers that it is a very easy way to obtain benefits with little effort by setting up an online store in this way.

For these reasons, this type of model also has something of a bad reputation, based on disappointments of entrepreneurs with unrealistic expectations.

But we really talk about a business idea, to set up and launch a new online store and that is why we must be clear that, like any new business, there is a risk and requires an investment, especially of time and money.

Since you need a lot of dedication and work to launch a new business  we will always recommend that you sell a product that you know , that you feel comfortable with and that you like. As you know the main objective that you have to have when you set up an online store is to sell, if you don’t sell the business it won’t make sense. Knowing the product will help you promote it and help the customers of your online store.

There are international dropshipping providers (mainly China) and Spanish suppliers. Choosing a supplier in our country has the advantage of language, avoiding customs fees, currency exchange, etc. You have to understand that like everything in life there are many types of providers : good, regular and bad.

We recommend you negotiate with the supplier , rates, service, product data, etc … and you are very well informed of what type of service and shipping they perform, in the end the person in charge of your client will be you.

What online store should I set up to sell products from drop shipping providers?
This is one of the crucial issues to start an online business and sell online. Choosing the right technology and the provider of this is something that can mark a lot the business path of the company.

A starting point is to know the budget to be available and understand based on that what can be achieved with that budget. A good simile that we all understand is to see several facades of shops.

If you do not have an online store yet, we encourage you to create your online store in Mabisy and discover how easy it can be to create an online store.

Which inspires you the most confidence? What kind of shops would you like to have?
Luckily the difference in investment of the different physical stores is much higher than that of electronic commerce, with little investment you can get online stores very well finished and that inspire confidence.

You have to keep in mind that every provider has to be an ally of yours , who can help you more and better launch your online business? Who will help you when you have doubts and do not know where to continue or how to sell online ?.

This is really our differential value. We are specialists in electronic commerce with extensive experience, because we are always there, we are your online sales technical team.

What product to sell ? Which one sells more and better ?
As you know on the internet there are many online businesses , and to set up a successful online business you must know the product to be sold, it is essential to know how to sell it and how to recommend it to your client. Luckily today there is so much variety of suppliers that you can choose from thousands of products to sell.

For this reason, we recommend choosing a type of product that identifies with your way of life . For example, if you are passionate about food, a gourmet store could be a good solution.

Do not focus on the margins and the price of the products, look for a quality product that will allow you to have happy customers who recommend you and buy you again in the future. A product that you would consume yourself.

You don’t have to fall into creating an online dropshipping store selling the same products as the rest of the stores, fighting for price. With dropshipping supplier products you can innovate and there are several ways:

to classify the product catalog in a more useful way for your customers, just sell a very specific product selection with opinions and recommendations for use and if they are from several suppliers better, To have a good catalog.

You can also create your products from those provided by the supplier , putting together several products for gifts or specialized packs. The idea is to differentiate and find the value you can give to a particular type of customer.

How can I select a good Dropshipping provider ?

If you start a negotiation like this, it is to save on the investment of the stock, in the rental of warehouse, in the manipulation of the product and that allows you not to have a physical store, therefore the expenses for your new online store will be lower, but not void , and you have to think that part of that saving can be dedicated to the promotion of the store.

But some Dropshippers might ask you to pay an initial or periodic amount to be able to sell their products, remember that the purpose of setting up an online store is to earn money, not to generate expenses .

The relationship between the supplier and your company must be beneficial for both parties, not only for the manufacturer or distributor that sells you the products.

You will sell their products for what you are going to generate business and they will increase their sales thanks to your work.

Therefore, when choosing a good Dropshipping wholesaler, consider these four basic conditions to choose it :

Availability of the product that interests you to sell  Choosing a supplier that sells product that you do not know or that you are not passionate about is not worth it, as it is the product that you have to promote and as we have already commented on the product it is the most important and you should be comfortable selling it.

Good communication and ease to have the information and characteristics of the products they sell. It is important that you have a person who manages your account and answers your questions quickly.

Variety of the product and its quality. Keep in mind that you have legal capacity in Spain to distribute, if applicable, license products of known brands. The margin offered by the supplier and the amount of stock and its turnover is also very important.

Quality of service offered. It has to guarantee you in some way that it will meet the delivery deadlines and that the package will always go to your name or anonymously. If the supplier has a long track record in principle it may be a good sign.

What should the provider do and what should I do in my store?

In a system of online sales of this type, retail, two different participants are involved, the wholesaler will be your supplier and the retailer in this case will be you , each of these participants has their responsibilities that you must be clear about.

The wholesaler as its proper name indicates is the company that makes the wholesale sale . It usually sells and deals with various outlets, lifelong physical stores and online stores.

The wholesaler must provide its products so that the retailer can market it , in some cases it may also provide you with a website where you can sell the products if the supplier is specialized in dropshipping.

When a sale is made, the wholesaler will package the product and send it to the final customer on behalf of the retailer , so that the final customer will not be aware that it will be sent by the wholesaler.

Instead, the retailer is responsible for the online sale, it must have a place to display the products (in this case an online store), prices and features . It is the one that charges the final customer the order and pays the wholesaler.

What happens with the returns?
It is common for customers to want to make returns or make changes once the order is received. Who has to manage the return?

As the end customer does not know that there is a wholesaler who is the one who actually sent the product, the claim will always be made to the retailer . You as a retailer should know well what is the procedure to make the return to your supplier.

It is best that the provider has an anonymous post office box where the return can be made, but it is not always the case. It is very important to know this at the beginning and negotiate with the supplier to avoid problems in the future.

Does it really work?
It is one of the star questions you usually ask our e-commerce specialists every day. The answer is yes , as long as you select a good supplier, dedicate time to the store and its promotion, find a differential value and add value to your customers, know the product you sell, etc.

But it is not easy, as any other new business requires effort, enthusiasm, knowledge and investment in marketing and promotion. The advantage is that the risk is less than most businesses . That is why it is a very good alternative to start selling online.

What would be the process to follow?
We recommend the following steps, to launch a new online store with Dropshipping products:

Choose a product that you are passionate about and that you are comfortable selling, recommend to customers, etc.
Find several Dropshipping providers that sell the product or products you want to sell.
Negotiate and know if the shipping and payment conditions already drop shipping.

Hire or create a professional online store . It is very important that the store transmit confidence and display the product correctly having all the features available to sell your product.

Load the product in the online store , this is one of the most important steps, do not limit yourself to the data provided by the supplier, give added value to your customer , upload more information or relevant information that helps your customer.

Promote your store or hire a company that can perform this task for you.
Serve all customers and their doubts in the shortest possible time , cover with their expectations and they will bring you more customers to be satisfied.

On the other hand we emphasize that it is necessary to make a good marketing plan to make forecasts and know if your income will be greater than your costs, otherwise it is not worth starting.

Dropshipping? Yes or no?
There are opinions about the disadvantages of Drop shipping and if it is good to base your new business model on it. The answer to that question is as in almost all cases: it depends.

No, if you think that by opening the online store, loading the product as it is sent to you by the supplier, customers will arrive without more , little time or economic investment. Do you think that this type of business exists today? I do not think so.

Yes, if you do not set up an online store more , as we have said before, and you are looking to give added value to the end customer, it can be a good business.

On our platform you can create an online store dropsipping I encourage you to do it and try how easy it is to start selling.

You know that it will not be easy to get high profits, but if you work well the catalog and move to promote the store, performing online marketing, writing unique content on the products, etc.

And selecting a good supplier, the results can come and when they arrive You will appreciate it by having a business with a totally free schedule and in which you can work from anywhere .




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