What is e marketing strategy marketing campaigns modern digital marketing 




What is e marketing strategy marketing campaigns modern digital marketing




A person can only call himself a professional marketer when he knows very well what a marketing strategy is  and how he can do one for both his project and his various marketing campaigns.


And this is what I’m going to show you in the next few minutes in detail with lots of practical examples  and the information you need to become a professional marketer.


In this guide we will answer the following questions:

What is a simple marketing strategy with practical examples?
Why should you rely on a tight marketing strategy?
What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing campaign?
What does the marketing strategy consist of?
What are the most important marketing channels you can rely on, and the most important tools that you can use?


What is modern digital marketing :


In this comprehensive guide you will find a complete picture of the dimensions of digital marketing  and its impact on your projects and ideas or the products and services that you promote.


New Product Marketing Plan:


Here you will learn how to think about your products differently, how to read the market  analyze the interests of your target audience and what competitors do to increase the chances of success of your products and services.


What is the marketing plan: Here we move to the professional level of marketing  which is followed by medium and large companies, which rely heavily on data and statistics.


In this guide  you will learn about the importance of the marketing plan  the elements that make up each plan, and also the difference between the marketing plan and the marketing strategy.


How to write a professional marketing plan: Here you will learn how to benefit from what I learned practically step by step.


I strongly advise you to read this series first before reading this guide  and if you did before or do not have enough time  you can only know how to write a marketing plan.


This guide is very important because it touches on many important steps … especially how to study the personality of your customers or your audience  and how you collect the information you need about them.


This information is necessary to determine the marketing strategies that you should rely on and how to implement them accurately … If you did, then let’s get to know what is the marketing strategy.


What is the marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a set of practical steps that you take to achieve specific marketing goals for your company  by exploiting the various marketing channels.


Suppose  for example  that you want to make $ 100,000 profit for your company this year   according to your marketing plan that I mentioned earlier  and that works in the garment industry.


To achieve this goal  you may do any of the following:


YouTube Marketing

Go to the shops to try to persuade them to promote your clothes.
Create a Facebook page to promote your clothes online.
Make a funded ad on Facebook.
Each element of the foregoing is a separate marketing strategy. In order to create a funded advertisement on Facebook, for example, there are specific information and steps you must take (targeting – designing a promotional video in a specific style) and others. Also  in order to promote your clothes to shop owners, you need to know the residential areas that you will distribute in, and you must analyze and study some competitors. For this reason, the concept of the marketing strategy emerged, as it represents all the practical steps that you will take to exploit any marketing channel. Facebook is a marketing channel that differs from the promotion through the shops.


Perhaps the most famous of these marketing channels  which are suitable for almost all fields  are:


SEO (Get free traffic to your website  such as blogs and stores).
Ads funded on search engines.
YouTube channels.
Free accounts on social media (Facebook – Instagram – LinkedIn – Twitter).
Paid advertisements on social media.
Advertisements on television and radio.
Print ads (flyer – billboards).
Do not worry  later I will tell you how to properly use all the previous digital marketing channels, and also how to choose the channels that suit your products and services.
The importance of marketing strategy
Marketing strategy is not a modern idea, but on the contrary  since the days of barter large traders have relied on reading the market  knowing what people are searching for and what competitors are doing in order to make profits.
This marketing strategy is of great importance to any entrepreneur or professional marketer who wants the product or service he is promoting to reach people and make profits from them.


This importance is represented in the following points:

1- Marketing strategy saves money

This is the most important reason for many marketers. In order to make profits  you have to reduce expenses, and this is what the marketing strategy helps you with.

Suppose  for example, that you spend on advertising and promotion $ 1000 in order to achieve profits of $ 5,000 What if I told you a marketing strategy that makes you spend the same amount, but your earnings will multiply three times.


Or maybe you only spend $ 500 and will make the same returns. What this means is that if you spend all 1000, you will double your profits. This is the power of marketing strategies.
Or perhaps with some effort, you use one of the free marketing strategies that helps you to achieve great profits without the need to start a budget.


When you know all the channels and methods that make you reach your customers, you will choose the easiest and fastest way, all based on data and numbers, not just speculation.

2- Marketing strategy enables you to make the right decisions
Marketing strategy is the practical steps that you implement on the ground in order to achieve the goals of your project or company  and therefore any decision you will make will be based on the results you achieve.

For example  suppose you discover that your product does not achieve the desired results from it after many attempts  so you may change or develop the product itself.
Or perhaps you discover that your customers need an extra service or a new product that complements what you offer, and you decide to manufacture it  all of this you will know through different marketing strategies.

3- Marketing strategy is the first link with customers
The first time any new customer hears about you is through the marketing channels that you use, if your marketing strategy is tight you can build a good relationship with your audience for long periods.

For this you must be a professional in the use of different marketing strategies in order to achieve your goals easily.

I think you have now confirmed that the marketing strategy is an indispensable step if you want to market any product or service, but I think you want to ask a question now, but I think I know what it is … let me answer you.

What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing campaign?
I think this is the question that may be reminiscent in your mind right now, the difference between the Marketing Campaign and the Marketing Strategy.
YouTube ads.
Free posts on Facebook in addition to the funded ads.
TV ads.
Street tablet ads.
This means that a marketing campaign is a set of marketing strategies aimed at promoting the same product or service using different marketing channels at the same time and with the same message.
This is, in short, the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing campaign. Now, let’s move on to delve deeper into the strategy and all the information you need to use it professionally.

Marketing strategy elements
The marketing strategy depends on several specific and arranged elements, for this you must adhere to this arrangement  which can dispense with any one of them if it does not suit the nature of the product or service that you are promoting.

1- Small smart goals that you want to achieve
Perhaps you want to make big profits or build a brand that your audience trusts, or maybe put some sales figures you want to achieve this year in your marketing plan.
The goals for each marketing strategy differ from that  they are small and specific goals, you have to convert your big goals into specific small goals.

For example  you can target:
Selling 10,000 items of products you’re promoting this month.
The number of followers on Facebook increased from 1000 to 2500 during this month.
The number of subscribers to the mailing list increased from 3500 to 7000 during this month.
You have to set small goals that you can implement in a short period of time, in order to be able to evaluate your efforts and the different marketing channels that depend on them. Remember that the goals must be logical

it is better to set an easy goal and achieve what is higher than that you set a large goal and not achieve it, and also remember that you will analyze all the results you collected in order to improve yourself in the future.
If this is your first time to develop a specific marketing strategy, start with the simplest possible goals, and target higher numbers and profits over time.

2- The clients you are targeting
We learned how to create a professional marketing plan how to draw the personality of your ideal customers (Buyer Persona), the same customer model that we will be using here in this item, but to suit the platform on which it depends.

Don’t you think that if the platform on which YouTube was relied upon to promote you would probably target the first and second characters with your ads  and maybe target the third character by promoting on LinkedIn’s platform.
And in this element, too, you must put some frills on the personality of your ideal customer  according to the platform, so you have to know what types and forms of content that interact with him.
For example  young people interact more with emoji on social media platforms  while adults like to see videos that demonstrate social evidence of the quality of the product or service they provide.
All this information you acquire with time and experience and at the same time with analyzing the results, and if you want to master writing ads, I advise you to see the following guide.

How to write a marketing ad
Which will help you to use words, images and social guides in a professional manner.

3- The available resources
What budget will you save to achieve the goals we set previously, what are the marketing channels that you have a certain rule that you can use in the promotion process (blog – channel on YouTube – accounts on social media).
You have to take advantage of every resource in your hands and every person in your team to achieve your goals. Perhaps you have a professional photographer or expert writer or anyone can perform certain tasks to implement the marketing strategy.
Let me assure you once again of the importance of preparing the comprehensive marketing plan, because then you will know all the resources available to you and the budget that you move in general.
Here you can allocate a portion of these resources to implement each marketing strategy separately.

4- The time map
This element is where you put all the information you collected in the implementation and review, so you define all the steps of your marketing strategy in a practical manner with the right time for it.
For example, suppose you rely on content marketing – which I will tell you later – through several articles promoting your new service.
The idea here on this map is to place everything related to the marketing channel such as:

Your target keywords.
Your customers’ personality that you target in each article.
Author of each article.
The date each article was published.
The CTA in each article.
Note: The CTA is an acronym for Call To Action, and if you do not know what it means then do not worry, you can find out everything you want about it and about content marketing in general through the “Complete Guide to Content Marketing” which I advise you to review.
The same applies to any other marketing channel, such as Facebook or Instagram or paid ads and others, and you may now ask what are the best marketing channels for you? … Let me answer you then!

The most important marketing channels that you can rely on
Each marketing channel has a special character, which you have to understand well in order to optimize the use of your money and time, so you may promote your products on Facebook while YouTube is better for you.

For this you have to be aware of the most important marketing channels available in order to choose what suits you best, and do not worry, you are on the site of winners, and here you will find all the information that you may need.

I will now put in your hands the most important marketing channels, and all the resources and tools you need to master them:

Facebook: The most important marketing channel because it suits most age groups and interests, which you can master through the complete guide to Facebook Marketing.

YouTube: a great marketing channel that you can rely on either for free or through funded ads, and I think you will need to know the answer to the question of how to post my channel on YouTube.

Google search engine: the most powerful search engine in the world, and you will know how to benefit from it if you see the complete SEO guide, and also if you know what Google ads are.

Instagram: The first photo site in the world that suits many industries, apparel, beauty and sports, and you can use it to your advantage through the full guide to marketing via Instagram.

All you need now is implementation, then analyze the results. All these marketing channels have great analysis tools, and you will learn about each of them and how to use it through the text links that I have set up for you above.

You now know very well what is the marketing strategy, its importance and elements, and the most important marketing channels that you need, thus you are qualified to see the best and most effective e-marketing strategies.


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