What is Fiverr and how to earn from Fiverr




What is Fiverr and how to earn from Fiverr
Fiverr is one of the most famous marketing sites on the Internet to promote small services  it provides an opportunity to sell and buy services  and the services on the Fiverr website are called Gig and unlike Upwork and Freelance sites  Fiverr focuses on fast-implementing services whose implementation time does not exceed 72 hours and the purpose of these services The small thing is to achieve speed in completion and easily evaluate the business relationship

The seller can withdraw his funds obtained from the Fiverr website either through his PayPal account or via his own Piezo Revenue Card or transfer the money to his personal account at the bank
How to work on Fiverr



To take advantage of Fiverr ‘s services you must do the following:
Creating an account with Fiverr.com is free of charge and registration cannot be used without doing this step.

Finding the required service by searching in the different categories in the site directory or searching in the site’s search engine and filters.
Inclusion of the order  after finding the required service  you must click on it to obtain more information about it, such as a description of the service  samples of work and price, and you can contact the service vendor to obtain any additional information about it before purchasing it.
Fiverr benefits

The presence of a large number of services of all kinds.
Offer seller services, regardless of topic.
Gain significant financial gains by developing the vendor services package and linking it with many additional interconnected elements.
The seller can get his financial dues easily without having to wait for the bill on the e-mail.
Freedom to work as the seller can pause his service offer if he wants to take a break.

Types of tasks at Pfeiffer
Graphic and design.
Digital Marketing.
Writing and translation.
Video and animation.
Music and acoustics.
Technologies and programming.
These services are provided by vendors  they are paid for  and some examples of services (Gigs) that can be found on Fiverr are:
Cartoon drawing of people.
Speaking voice recording.
Ugly Christmas sweater design.
Illustration animated video design.
Writing an attractive resume.

Some ways to profit from Fiverr
The profit of the seller from the Pfeiffer site can reach one thousand dollars per month, where the value of one service is $ 5, which Pfeiffer takes one dollar for the commercial mediation between the buyer and the seller, so providing the service quickly is essential to benefit from the work, for example if the seller takes the task of completing an article Consisting of 1000 words  he must keep in mind the delivery of the service as soon as possible to take advantage of it, since the fee does not exceed four dollars, that is, the seller must simply accept the tasks that he can accomplish easily

Providing additional services over the existing services increases the chances of making money as well, if the seller provides his services as a content writer who can add a professional writing service and ask for a higher fee for doing more comprehensive and accurate work, and to convince customers of his additional services and a higher fee he should follow a few simple steps Like collecting a group of customers that you trust and want to buy services of a higher quality, and after the seller builds a relationship of trust with his customers, he can make an offer to customers by taking over all their services and the content they request and writing their articles in the future for a higher price for the service. It is also possible to provide distinguished services or tasks that no one has accomplished yet and request a higher wage

Some of the services provided in the Fiverr site
Selling e-books or reports written by the seller, and this is one of the best ways to profit because the writer will sell several copies of the same book instead of creating a new article at a time, while preserving the copyright.

Offer services related to social media, such as posts on Twitter, or promote on Facebook or Twitter Plus.
Fast typing increases your chances of winning. Whoever is able to print 400 words in 12 minutes or less can earn approximately $ 25 per hour, with a condition of writing with professionalism and high quality to ensure that customers return to work with the service vendor.

The use of marketing software to increase the customer’s website visit, and this task does not take more than several minutes, meaning that the seller in about a minute can earn $ 5 or $ 300 an hour.
Using Google to do research for the customer, provided that the service provider (the seller) considers the research link to the required topic and complete the work within a short time.
Editing photos is like removing the background of an image using Photoshop. Most people want to get rid of the background of the image for use on the Internet.
People with basic graphics skills can benefit from this by designing corporate business cards.
Designing flyers.

Writing book reviews, and the most helpful service sellers are writers who can write fast.
The use of specialized programs to give diagnostic results of the integrity of the customer’s website according to the terms of SEO (SEO). These programs do not require much time to start their work as the service vendor can purchase such programs and offer to provide his services, and programs can be used to find the SEO keywords, where he The seller of the service prepares a report made of keywords and is a very desirable service




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