What is Linux operating system features ?




What is Linux operating system features  ?
Linux is a free  open source operating system where anyone with software experience can view their code and modify it as they please  The Linux system architecture is based on the C programming language and the assembly language and Linux is included under the Gnu / Linux Project (a project that aims to build a free open source operating system from scratch).

The Linux operating system was started in 1991 as an individual project by Finn Linus Torvalds, who was a student in the last year at the University of Helsinki. The main goal of this project was to create the kernel of an open source operating system, and this project resulted in the first Linux kernel.
Linux evolved from several small files of the C programming language that are compiled by the assembly language and continued to develop until in the official release 3.10, 16 million lines of software were published under the umbrella of the GNU General Public License.



It is known that operating systems where inventors programmers write source codes first using one of the programming languages ​​and then the processor for the computer converts them to an executable format (1/0) Bits so that we can run them on our computers usually the user or specialist does not get the source code For these systems, but we get the final version for them as with Windows or Mac OS, they are considered proprietary programs.


However, the situation is completely different with the Linux operating system, as the code and source codes are completely available for modification and addition, free of charge for all.
In fact, Linux’s popularity has not come out of the blue, because of its unique infrastructure, Linux has a high degree of security and protection compared to the Windows operating system. Not surprisingly, tech giants around the world use the Linux operating system. Servers giant of the largest companies such as Google and Facebook use the Linux system, because it is the most secure and appropriate system for them, in addition to many other features.

Linux is not just a system for servers and supercomputers and gigantic computers only, and it is not as some people think … a sterile black screen system that looks like Dos, where we type Commands to take results from. But it is in fact a system that has hundreds of versions for ordinary users intended for personal use, as well as that anyone (with code expertise) can manufacture, modify and distribute a version of their own.

In short, due to the fact that Linux is an open source system, there are many and many versions that suit all needs and purposes that you imagine, it is a system that can be customized according to all needs and purposes.

Linux operating system features ?
When choosing an operating system to work on for whatever purpose you do, you should look at its features before installing and installing it on your machine. Each operating system on the scene at the moment has its own advantages, and is completely different from other operating systems.
As for the Linux system, it is distinguished and unique with many advantages, features and components that give it a unique glow, and multiple areas for use and application, and here is a list of the most important features and features of Linux:

Linux has a high level of security and protection against viruses and cyber attacks, as it provides encryption of data. And since the Linux system is completely free, most of the security features attached to it are free, and you do not have to pay money to get them like other systems.

Linux is stable in performance and fully functional, so its software problems are few compared to the rest of the other operating systems, because it is shared in its programming and development by many professional programmers.

Easy To Use
The Linux system is one of the easiest operating systems and the most flexible in dealing with users, due to the ease of its User Interface and the ease of using the Desktop.

Multiple use
Linux operating system works on different types of computers with its various components, and many programs and applications can work on the Linux system at the same time, without the need to log out and enter each application separately.

Technical Support
The Linux user community provides technical support and software support for the operating system and applications running under its umbrella. There are also many volunteer developers and programmers to solve problems and help improve the system.
On the other hand, if you encounter a problem as a user, you can with some experience solve it by yourself using a dedicated application called Shell Shell, by writing and modifying orders according to your specific needs and carrying out the required tasks for that.

What are the uses of Linux?
The Linux system is one of the most flexible and adjustable systems, which made it a multi-use system, and because it is a free and open source system, this gave the opportunity for developers and programmers to develop and modify it, and to create their own versions that suit their needs and requirements.
In general, the Linux system is used in many areas and uses. Here are the most important:

Create and manage databases
Databases are one of the most used fields on the Linux operating system, because the system provides a strong security support for databases, it allows database administrators to set access rights to database users, and it also allows users to ease use and ease of access to their files.

Create and manage websites
The Linux system is a fertile environment for building and managing websites. Linux provides many programs, tools, and applications that help website programmers and developers in building and managing websites effectively.

Building and managing networks
The Linux operating system is one of the most operating systems on which networks are built, as Linux provides very large support for running network management applications and programs.

Server management
Most large servers, large servers, and famous hosting companies in all areas operate under the umbrella of the Linux operating system.

Maintenance of computers and other operating systems
Linux is the most powerful system used to maintain your computer and its accessories, but it can also fix other operating system errors. Among the services provided by the Linux system are the service of repair and recovery of deleted files, and the maintenance and repair of damaged Hard Disk.

Electronic security
The Linux system and what comes under it are among the most important versions of the system in the field of security and electronic protection, as it is an effective system to repel cyber attacks, cyber attacks and virus protection spreading on the Internet. Linux also contains special tools that benefit cyber security professionals, so it is no wonder that we see it as the system that most hosting companies prefer, and all partnerships that manage huge databases and strive to protect them from any breach.

How to download and install Linux

First: Download the Linux operating system
As mentioned above, Linux is an open source system, so you will find a lot of distributors that own many versions. On the official Linux site you will find links to the most important and famous Linux distributors, where you can download a free copy of it.

Second: Installing the Linux operating system
Installing a Linux operating system is not difficult and is not very different from installing Windows. All you need is:
Download Linux files from a reseller site.
Flash memory or its CD with a suitable capacity for keeping Linux files (often larger than 4 GB).
One of the specialized programs called (burning ISO files software).
Begin downloading files to a DVD or flash drive through one of the programs mentioned above.
Perform a restart of the computer and choose boot from CD, or Boot from USB, then start the installation steps.




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