YouTube channel ideas for beginners Intelligence choosing idea




YouTube channel ideas for beginners Intelligence choosing idea of your YouTube channel





The idea has a great impact on the success of projects  and so are the ideas of YouTube channels. The idea of your YouTube channel is the first and most important step that if you take it smartly  it will facilitate many of the following steps for you.


Intelligence in choosing the idea of your YouTube channel here means : First  choosing an idea that suits you and you can be creative through it secondly an innovative idea that has its own unrepeated character, thirdly an idea that has a demand, that is  there is a large audience that cares about it.


Of course  YouTube channel ideas cannot be limited to rigid templates. Every YouTube channel idea can get dozens of sub-ideas out of it.



15 wonderful and profitable YouTube channel ideas


1- An educational YouTube channel idea

Many Internet users love to learn things and obtain information through videos  and they use YouTube as a search engine to access scientific material useful to them in the form of a video.


This YouTube channel idea is a great option for everyone who has good knowledge about a specific science or field. This idea is needed for someone who has the ability and skill to communicate information to others, and who has an easy and simple method by which he can attract more views.


2- YouTube channel idea about evaluating new products

Once a new product appears, you find millions of YouTube users searching for videos that talk about this product. These videos are evaluation videos to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the products they want to buy. These videos help a lot of customers get to know the products they want to buy before they actually buy them, and then help them make their purchasing decisions.


If you have a passion for a specific type of product, and you always follow what is new about this type of product, then this idea is very for you.


The most popular products that users search for on YouTube are technological products, such as smartphones and professional cameras, computers and laptops. Cars are also products that users are searching for frequently.


However, you can customize your channel to rate any other type of product, and you can even override the products and specialize in evaluating services or movies.



3- YouTube channel idea about makeup

This idea for YouTube channel is more suitable for girls and women, in which you can make videos that deal with how to make makeup creatively and creatively  and address the most important tips and secrets on how to make a suitable makeup for each skin color and every detail of the faces.


You can make a make-up in front of the camera for yourself or one of your friends, or you can take a tutorial in theory with some illustrations. Girls and ladies will love it and follow you  so your YouTube channel will inspire you to make makeup more creatively.



4- YouTube channel idea about modern technology and technologies

People always find it difficult to deal with modern technology  and despite this difficulty they face, they need to learn to deal with this technology  because it enables them to do advanced things in an easy and fast way.


Of course there are a lot of specialties that you can make a YouTube channel around  such as computer programs, or smartphone applications  or how to deal with tools and services such as Office, Photoshop  or video editing software


In the event that you have a certain skill or experience dealing with technology  you can make your own channel and start explaining what you are good at in your audience.


5- YouTube channel idea about cooking and recipes

This idea of ​​making a YouTube channel is more suitable for housewives who do not work and have free time. In fact, food is something we cannot live without  and housewives interact with it every day, and many of them are passionate about new cooking methods and innovative recipes.


If you are one of those who are always looking for all that is new in the world of cooking and recipes, and they follow famous programs and always apply what they are learning, then this idea of ​​making a YouTube channel was presented in this article specifically for you. You can direct the camera to you when you prepare food or fast food, and then publish your videos to YouTube.


Not only that  you can also make videos that include groups of small advice on preparing food  such as how to mix spices that fit together  or ideas for creating innovative sandwiches that children love, or anything in the world of cooking and kitchen.



6- YouTube channel idea about pets

You might find this idea a bit strange, but people like to watch pets making acrobatic moves or funny things. You can photograph your pet lying as drunk, trying to wake him up, or eating greedily after he forgot the last meal he should have eaten. You can also include some tips for training dogs and cats, for example, by applying them to your dog or cat.


7- YouTube channel idea about the country or city in which you live

You can create a YouTube channel in which the world shares the lifestyle of the country you live in, spreading cultures, flaws and features. Share everything you think people deserve to know about the country in which you live. Talk about the history of the country in which you live its geographical conditions, the most important monuments in it, and the customs and traditions prevailing there


8- YouTube idea for news analysis and comment

People are always looking for news  especially on YouTube  as through YouTube videos they can get the news in an easy and clearer way than reading it. If you are opinionated and always follow the news and share your comments and analysis with your friends, then it is time for you to share your opinions and comments on the news with a much larger audience than just limited owners.


Pick up two or three news items every week and make a video commentary on this news  either objectively or even satirically. Choose a video title similar to the original news title, and get instant tons of visitors for your channel and thousands of views for your videos.



9- YouTube channel idea of ​​how to do handy things

The idea of ​​this channel is to teach viewers how to do small tasks easily and in a short time. There are a lot of great YouTube channels specializing in this, which garner millions of views. These channels offer short videos explaining how to do handy things in an easy way, solve small problems in innovative ways, or invent simple tools with materials found in every home.


If you have innovative ideas from these that facilitate people’s lives, and provide them with innovative solutions to their small problems, this idea is very suitable for you.


10- The idea of ​​a YouTube comic channel

People often like to watch comedy videos, no one disagrees that the most viewed videos are comedy videos. If you have something comical that you can present to your audience through your YouTube channel, then this type of channel is very suitable for you.

Whether you have a little boy who always makes funny moves, or you have a friend who loves humor and laughter, and you are always adept at introducing comic strips in front of your friends, or you have any other idea of ​​comic content, so why wait for my friend?


11- The idea of ​​a YouTube channel for music and singing
If there is something that all people everywhere agree on, that they all love music and singing, how can music not be the food of the soul that makes us feel happy and cheerful. If you have a musical or lyrical talent, you can create a YouTube channel to share the world with your talent.

Although the most popular YouTube channels are actually successful musicians on the ground, the idea of ​​creating a music YouTube channel was a way for many to gain success and fame, and make profits, too, and you too could join them.


12- YouTube channel idea about games
People not only love to play video games, whether on computers or mobile phones, but they also according to studies love watching others play, especially if this helps them learn some secrets and gaps to achieve a better level in these games.

If you are one of those that others always call them, that they are useless and insignificant and are not fluent in anything, whether playing on computers and mobile phones, but you are in the midst of yourself very enjoying this work, and you find yourself unique in achieving the highest results in games.

Then you can share other fans of the same games with videos, record them for yourself while you are playing through your channel, or review the most important strategies and gaps, which the addicts of these games pant for higher levels.

13- The idea of ​​a personal YouTube channel to express your lifestyle and ideas
This idea of ​​making the YouTube channel very popular in recent times, especially in developed countries. The idea depends on creating a YouTube channel in which you will review your lifestyle, talk about your preferences and what you hate, and comment on famous events and news every day or every week, and present your own thoughts and philosophy in life.

Simply do something like a private blog but in video format and not in text file format. This idea needs an attractive person in terms of style and personality, and he already has a distinctive lifestyle to share with his followers.

You can share the world with your favorite food and favorite clothes, giving opinions on fashion and modern trends, and you can also express your opinion on hot events, events and celebrations.

14- YouTube channel idea of ​​travel tourist attractions
If you love to travel and travel, you can create a channel that includes videos that talk about your experiences with travel, showing the most important places that you visited, the most important advantages and disadvantages, the most important tourist attractions in each country you visited, and how you were able to travel at a good cost.

It also provides some travel advice in general, and the most important things that must be available with you on every travel trip, and provides some advice for every place you visit.


15 – The idea of ​​a sports YouTube channel
Sport is one of the fields that most of the planet’s people love and its news follow. This is evident in global events, such as the FIFA World Cup, or the European Champions Cup.

If you are a fan of sports and a follower of its latest news, this idea is very suitable for you, and you can make great profits. On your channel you can have summaries of popular football matches, and you can also comment on popular sporting events. Do not limit yourself to football specifically, but rather expand your horizons, as there are many other sports.




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